“Sovereignty and Soul”

is the name I have chosen to represent a range of Products services and designs I am delighted to bring to you.

We all have a past and over my varied career I have worked as an Image consultant, Fashion Retail Manager ,Personal Shopper, Stylist and Photographer for Actors and Models. I have had my own Clothing label for Women and Children, while making some unique one off pieces of jewellery along the way…

More recently I have spent some time in Indonesia buying and designing clothing and jewellery for Sovereignty and Soul.

I am now offering my experience to those wanting input into their appearance, who haven’t the time or enthusiasm to shop for themselves.

It is my joy to dress people in a way that brings out the best in them…

On a day to day basis we should feel amazing as we express our individual style in a way that makes us feel confident walking into any room.

This is not about being a slave to fashion or about what makes you look the thinnest !.

It is looking at your outer wear as an expression of your uniqueness, utilising your image to make the right impression in the first instant you meet someone, whether it is personally or professionally.

It may be small adjustments you need, or a complete wardrobe overhaul, maybe you are in the process of recreating yourself and letting go of the old ?.

I have an artists eye for detail and colour and an ability to find the best value for your money when taking you on your own  personal shopping spree.

I can also find you timeless and versatile pieces when I travel internationally and bring them home to you..

I love to assist others to their inner and outer potential and happiness.

I am happy to meet with you and discuss ways I can help bring more creative joy into your world.

Having an inspiration injection into your wardrobe can give you an amazing lift affecting how you approach every aspect of your life

If you are content with your wardrobe and appearance, maybe it is your home that needs some time and energy. .

I would love to help you declutter and clear your Home and assist you with design ideas. A Unique piece of Art that you resonate with can provide a great starting point for a new pallete to refresh and revive your sacred space.

Feel free to connect with me and discuss your individual requirements, maybe even follow up with a post shopping spree photoshoot !.

Services Available

“Sovereignty and Soul”

* Initial Consultation (over skype or a coffee)

This involves defining your needs,working out a vision to implement,getting to know and trust me as I listen to exactly what you require as we prepare for the makeover experience.,.

1-2 hours Brainstorming

* Wardrobe clear out and assessment

of what can be restyled or reinvented and what can be passed on,,.

 1-2 hours $150


* Shopping Spree/Makeover.

spree can include shoes, accessories, jewellery, makeup, under wear, outerwear, exercise gear and special occasion… or a Home and Living accessories shop.

We meet, we shop! and we have fun doing it!

Half day (up to 6 hours) $350-

Full Day (up to 9 hours) $500-

This service applies for people in the Auckland, Coromandel, Waikato and Bay of Plenty areas, or anyone residing in one of my overseas travel destinations. This service naturally appeals to women but I have helped several men who have needed a makeover and they have been genuinely thrilled with the results.

* Tailor made Sovereignty and Soul  Combination

– price to be arranged as you choose some or all of the options listed.

-A Vital Initial Consultation.

-A local seasonal shop for clothing and accessories, with wardrobe overhaul.

– An International Personal Shopper. Clothing, Accessories and hand made Homeware is sourced from overseas and brought to your door.

-Wardrobe Revival with Repairs arranged. 

-Post Shopping Spree styled Photoshoot.

-Home Revival and Interiors shopping spree, including Art Sourcing, framing advice and private commissions arranged.

-Eco friendly overhaul, get rid of harmful toxins in your cupboards, learn about some natural alternatives, gain confidence in a new natural you as you let go of old styles and makeup.

Designers, Retail Outlets, Wholesalers

CONNECT WITH ME, let me promote and share your amazing Businesses with my Clients.

I will sell and deliver your products to the perfect recipients.

Collaboration and supporting each others success is the way of the future!

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