Ethics, …

fair trade, organics, chemical free, fragrance, texture, quality and effectiveness are a huge influence behind my all my choices in life. Since it’s conception I have been a huge fan of all of sovereignty and souls products. When I wear S & S fragrance strangers approach me and ask what I am wearing at least a couple of times a day, I love the roll on and have one in each of my work bags. More recently my mature skin has been loving drinking in the renewal cream and is staying hydrated much longer than with many other products I have used in the past. I love the passion and integrity that goes into S&S products, literally you can feel it when you wear them.

Swami Yogamani Saraswati

I don’t usually wear perfume…..

as they give me migraines so I had given up on finding my scent. I was then gifted the sovereignty & soul roll on natural perfume oil for my birthday and now don’t leave the house without it. I absolutely love it! It’s earthy, citrusy and spicy all in one little roll on oil. I always have someone tell me how good I smell not to mention how the beautiful blend of oils make me feel. A beautiful natural product.


I absolutely love…

sovereignty and soul temple body oil. The fragrance and the texture is absolutely divine. It has become part of my daily ritual. Sovereignty and soul woven kimono is an essential part of my wardrobe. I wear it year around as either a kimono or scarf. It is soft and warm and was brilliant for travelling when I went to Italy recently.


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